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Tina Get The Axe! [entries|friends|calendar]

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[Thursday, May 21st, 2009
at 1:18am]
 I told you I would write eventually! Always punctual, as usual.

Well, where to begin. Lets start with December.Novella Under HereCollapse )
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Just you wait [Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
at 1:58am]
I often decide that I am going to start writing here more often, resolving that "as soon as I have some time" will be when I begin my epic return to livejournal.

This never happens. Because I am such a procrastinator! And also I am boring, thinking who the hell cares what I think or do?
But with the advent of twitter, I guess it doesn't matter.

So I am REALLY going to do it this time. I promise.

Like by the end of the week,

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Oh fuck me! [Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
at 5:13pm]
I realized like 2 hours ago that I accidentally threw my wallet away in the garbage last night!
Yeah, I am mentally retarded.
And the garbage was collected this morning, so my id, vandal card, debit card, and SS card and like 10 dollars are gone! I dont know what to do!!
I cant access my money in my bank without an ID or my debit card, and if someone finds my SS Im fucked for life!!
Im so stressed out about this!

Has this every happened to anyone before?
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I have no friends and I live alone [Friday, June 27th, 2008
at 3:40pm]
Yes, this is my sad sad life.
I was actually talking to myself last night as I sat and ate soup, alone.

I think I have been broken up with by the 3 friends I had here, and Im not really sure why. But it does make me feel like a needy weirdo.

I suppose the worst thing of all is that I can't help but fear that this is what my life will be like, forever. That despite all the things I say to myself (out loud while eating soup, mind you!) about how living in a college town is difficult, because everyone moves away, and that its hard in such a small town to meet people that you really have anything in common with, etc... That maybe these things aren't true, and there is something fundamentally wrong with me. That this is the pattern my life will follow, living in different apartments, alone and talking to imaginary friends in my kitchen.
At least I wont have 30 cats, that I dress in baby clothes or something.

But there is just something truly heartbreaking about the sound of footsteps in my hallway, and the few seconds thereafter, when I am secretly hoping it's someone coming to my door, to be my friend. Its always just the mailman, or the 13 year old kid who vacuums the carpets.

Oh well, enough said.
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These are your favorite things, when you're a boy! [Tuesday, June 24th, 2008
at 3:24pm]
I think its been like an epoch since I updated my LJ. I never bother to post because no one ever reads this anymore, and because I am sooooooo boring! I think the last time I updated, I had just cut my hair, and oddly enough I cut my hair last Friday as well! Ooooh!

I haven't been doing anything else, watching Strangers With Candy, reading and writing this summer thesis paper deal that I get paid to do, and drinking. Glamorous! Oh, and listening to Morrissey, like waaaaay too much.

Lets see, Ooh! I got a new computer,
This is my macbook pro, and I also knitted that cover for it, because Im Martha Goddamn Stewart, and it is almost to small, and slightly wonky, but I guess it suits me.

I live alone now, because my boyfriend decided to move home and live with his parents this summer, he should be back in the fall though...It's very weird to live alone, as I have never done so, EVER! I mean, I go to bed at like 4am and get up at noon, and I eat weird shit, like I am going to eat soy chicken nuggets for dinner tonight, which I could never eat with Tell here, because he cant eat soy..and its also quite lonely. I dont have alot of friends here, and the ones I do have are already tired of hanging out with me. I find myself almost desperate for human interaction, that when I go to the grocery store, I get super excited when people talk to me, even if its to yell at me for standing and staring at the cereal boxes and being in their way. I always secretly hope they will think Im totally rad and want to be my friend, but it never happens...I really hope its not because I suck.

So back to hair, I got my hair cut friday, and I really didn't like it, so I cut it some more when I got home, and I still wasn't too keen on it...I thought I would have to have a dorky hair-do all summer and pray it grows in time for school (so I can become a cheerleader! ;) Then I decided to dye it with this hair dye I have had since x-mas, because I was really bored. AND I LOVE IT! The color is kinda dark, but Im so goth, that I can rock black/blue hair in the summer...Or I could look like Robert Smith from The Cure
Here is a peep at it!
I look so happy to be next to my fridge, but I did spend a good 45 min spelling out song lyrics with magnets, like a serial killer!

And I look kind of ethnic here
But my hair kind of blends in with my black cabinets...IN COGNITO!

But the most awesome thing about dying my hair is that I discovered I make a pretty hot dude!
-yeah, this sentence makes no sense, let me explain:
After applying all the dye I piled my hair on top of my head to set, and I noticed that it looked a little like a dude hairstyle (to be specific, like a Morrissey quiff) and so because it was 11pm, and I was mega bored, I decided to document this, after adding some sideburns and eyebrows etc. You know, because its a totally normal thing to do..!
(Morrissey, this old dude I might be in love with)
And me:
I think Im a hot dude, Sarah says my name should be Hector, and I think it fits.
I basically look like the mexican lead singer of a Smiths/Moz cover band...But for some weird reason I find it really interesting...that I can look like this..God Im A FREAK!

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